Let’s use computers to address important social problems with urgency, clarity and creativity.

Chris Blow France

Design and strategy

I design and build data products to improve human sensemaking. My focus is conceptualization, positioning and prototyping products using applied machine learning, data visualization and large datasets.

Big questions

How can we expand human capacity to better cope with critical social and environmental problems?

How can we visualize data to make better decisions within it and recognize opportunity?

How can we manage complexity with ethical responsibility to make powerful digital systems inclusive and accountable?

Working together
  • I work with scientists, startups and nonprofits.
  • I design and build native, cross-platform apps.
  • I help build business models in complex domains.
Product leadership and platform design
  • Meedan — Founder and design lead for translation startup
  • The Data Guild —  Lead Member at data product studio
  • LightField — Design for agriculture and climate
    Software development
  • WeaveGrid — Frontend/UX lead for climate tech startup
  • Contain — Technology lead for fintech agriculture startup
  • Cypress — Design and code for automation platform
    Usability, graphics, UI, visualizations
  • Litterati — Design consultant for data prep and computer vision.
  • Healthmade — Data visualizations for health
  • Ethnio — UI development for usability research products
  • Bolt | Peters — Design and UI research consulting
  • Ushahidi — Design for civic media platform
  • Nonprofit Design — Founder of design services company

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