Webdev Articles

Well, this is perhaps not a definitive guide, but a good one nonetheless.

If you or your nonprofit is concerned about your pages being readable to people with limited sight or non-graphical browsers

thoughtful article about preparing websites for an international audience

Sometime about 5 years ago people began to realize the frustrating limits of web development

If you need to easily display slideshows online

Online fundraising: what's the best way to do it?

using named vs. hex color values

This is a good article for nonprofit-type folks who are thinking about getting a website.

This post from Tech Soup is a good, brief introduction to the use of databases in your organization.

next week in Portland OReilly is hosting a panel of women developers""

Build it last, and work first on the details (the smallest, ubiquitous elements of your site).

This is the single most important tool any web developer can have.

appreciation to my favorite independent software artists

Last night I was trying to do something that I thought would be pretty simple: display a bunch of recent weblog posts on one page.

Most of the books here are just distributed online for free because they are older editions. They aren't using an Open license, except in the case of the many online tutorials that are linked here (which are typically carefully chosen, I found).

The trick of Newsvine is that it comes in a really well designed interface and allows community input, both by linking and commenting.

I needed something that was simple, cached hourly, displayed various encodings well and worked with RSS and Atom formats. Most importantly, I wanted something I could install on my own server, and it needed to be community oriented (not designed for a single reader).

If you are interested in keeping up with the best practices of mime types, content types, character encoding and doctypes

I am thinking about how web developers can become more invested in the ultra-low-bandwidth user experience.

When an architect begins to define a building, he or she works very closely with the people who are buying the building to understand what the requirements are, and translate those requirements into a sketch of a solution.