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Do you work with interviews or documents in which you have to make meaningful correlations between themes?

seeks to provide a reference of the major ICT development activities in Africa.

There is an interesting discussion going on (for some time now) over at the Stanford Social Innovation Review forum about charitable donations and the new ranking systems ...

A new journal devoted to researching the (primarily sociological) aspects of Technology's influence

Drosphilia researchers have a leg up on web designers.

This is a super-unfortunate development; Google is the web's best hope for easy, inexpensive archiving of scholarly research.

The basic idea a simple and user-centered web app that helps facilitate ordering, billing and member management for CSA's. Things are JUST getting started and I am soliciting help in doing some feasibility research as well as a basic evaluation of existing CSA management applications.

Low cost Nokia 2626 handsets were successfully used by field workers to conduct surveys. Several field workers had never even sent an SMS before.