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Audio Activism

May 18 2005

After getting back from a lecture at the most recent N-TEN Tech club meeting, I found myself enlightend as to the way of the podcast.

Brian Russell is a stand-up guy doing a lot of grunt work with the development of podcasting as a tool of activist. His website does a great job of explaining the current state of the field, and of course his podcast is great:


If you are completely new to podcasting, a quick shot in the arm:


For-Profit NTEN?

May 3 2005

It's rare that you see much criticism of nonprofit organizations. People are getting something done, after all, no matter what particulars you may take affront to their modus operandi.

But we should all be wary of the thought-stifling, fuzzy-feeling environment that lets fundamental missions go unexamined. And it's in that spirit I that I so much appreciate David Geilhufe's recent frustrations with the increasingly for-profit nature of N-TEN's national conference.

You can find his post here: Social Source Software: Where Have The Values Gone?