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Sometime about 5 years ago people began to realize the frustrating limits of web development

Today's New York Times carries a front-page article about the growth of the cell phone industry in Africa.

Seems like Paypal is one of those 'leapfrogging' technologies that could help entire regions skip the process of developing a banking infrastructure, which apparently takes about 200 years of war (judging from how the West has done it).

My question is: where the hell are the tools for people who use cellphones in this way? (In particular, where are the banking tools and educational tools?) In the first world we've got $600 iphones that can read your freaking mind. But a simple flashcard application for learning a few of the 62 languages spoken in Kenya? It's not quite as sexy.

Understanding [stuff] requires forgetting for a moment about your own love-hate relationship with your cellphone, or iPhone, or BlackBerry. Something that's mostly a convenience booster for those of us with a full complement of technology at our disposal: land-lines, Internet connections, TVs, cars �can be a life-saver to someone with fewer ways to access information.

Street Hacks and Long Wows - An Evening with Chipchase, Burns, and Schauer

Android, (not the just-barely-open iPhone) is the future of mobile development for the masses.

After a few months of work, we have gotten a new wireframe of the mobile app