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I am beginning research into ways in which mapping technologies like GIS are being used (and can potentially be used) to help avert or cope with humanitarian disasters.

Being a great way to communicate quickly, maps can also be incredibly dense with information. When they are put to a wholesome use, maps, like apple pie and puppies, deserve to have a special place in every home.

The Community Mapping Network (CMN)provides an online mapping application that allows folks in British Columbia, Canada, to create and edit information about environmental resources in their areas.

This is why the new breed of online maps are such wonderful tools for creating understanding: With a little technical work (and perhaps a lot of fact-checking), you can create simple yet information-rich presentation of a pandemic that is affecting millions.

Glad to see that little bit of criticism go so out of date so quickly. Now, Google, a Linux release, please.

I have a love for maps because they can be the most rich, yet easy-to-understand communication tools.

aggregating media reports about the Zimbabwe elections and using Google Maps to present the results

Wherecamp, life-changing as always.

The conference is 'harnessing mobile platforms, computational linguistics, geospatial technologies, and visual analytics to power effective early warning for rapid response to complex humanitarian emergencies.'