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Even if you're new to web design and Javascript spooks you, you'd do well to look into some of the techniques that are described in the attached article.

The resulting ideas and workflows are, in my mind, incredibly powerful tools

Here's another update on the laptop debate/idea from Ethan Zuckerman

the most effective ICTs used are typically basic ones‚ telephone and radio are most common, and when computers or the Internet are involved, they are for restricted, targeted uses.

Sometime about 5 years ago people began to realize the frustrating limits of web development

from a kind of ICT government consultancy

If you need to easily display slideshows online

People are drawn to imagery and emotions that inspire them to work for a cause.

Build it last, and work first on the details (the smallest, ubiquitous elements of your site).

This is the single most important tool any web developer can have.

You enter a hex code value for a color, then another to mix it with, and out comes a beautiful png graphic of the color scheme.

difficult conditions can lead to the same creative insight as design on a limitless budget.

a beautifully executed charity project that fills a very simple, traditional purpose

Rajan Harinarain, a South African entrepreneur and inventor has come up with a temporary foldaway house for use in emergency situations

The overtone of pervasive surveillance makes me feel a bit ill.

Fundamentally I think that touch is intimate and intuitive, and clearly touchable interfaces have incredible potential, especially for the folks that haven't been brow-beaten into adapting to 20th-century conventions of computer interfaces like the QWERTY keyboard.

I've never seen gadget hype reach the levels that have been achieved by the iPhone.

Recently I've been really worked up about all these computers in the closet. It's a bunch of junk.

The basic idea a simple and user-centered web app that helps facilitate ordering, billing and member management for CSA's. Things are JUST getting started and I am soliciting help in doing some feasibility research as well as a basic evaluation of existing CSA management applications.

The graphs are wonderful and straightforward.

Somehow Kermit managed to skewer the woo-woo hippie hype surrounding visual thinking 40 years ago.

Including lots of fun sketches for my new job. Working on a translation + foreign affairs + journalism + social project callled Meedan.

The 1968 demo presaged many of the technologies we use today, from personal computing to social networking.

We'll be gathering feedback about the initial concept and looking at some first drafts of first drafts. Basically, we're gabbing on the phone for a bit and I'm taking some notes.

In this context, I don't care about iPhones, I don't care about web apps; I'm talking about paying your rent via SMS. I'm talking about currencies and payment methods that aren't defined by a government or even a bank!

Understanding [stuff] requires forgetting for a moment about your own love-hate relationship with your cellphone, or iPhone, or BlackBerry. Something that's mostly a convenience booster for those of us with a full complement of technology at our disposal: land-lines, Internet connections, TVs, cars �can be a life-saver to someone with fewer ways to access information.

As an infoviz junkie, I have to say that I have always *adored* this stuff. But the tonight I heard a very smart person say that, prior to Nike+, collaborative running was impossible.

Africa, Asia, mobile phones, sustainable change, environmental technologies, research methodologies, product design, application development, user experience ... lots of stuff.

aggregating media reports about the Zimbabwe elections and using Google Maps to present the results

When an architect begins to define a building, he or she works very closely with the people who are buying the building to understand what the requirements are, and translate those requirements into a sketch of a solution.

It's been a good book month for interface geeks and IXD/UX people.

Actually this is better than Thursday morning TV, which, in my hometown at least, was pretty weak. This stuff is amazing.

The real importance of the videos is not specific to any of the UI details; it's about what's happening at Mozilla, and the new inclusive approach they are taking to visual and experience design.

After a few months of work, we have gotten a new wireframe of the mobile app

Our goal with Swift is to provide a crowdsourcing platform for data triage. Imagine something like Mechanical Turk used only for tagging news, photos, microblogging and videos.

We, as humans, are all multi-faceted. We speak to our parents differently than our coworkers. We lower our voices a bit in a crowded coffee shop. We stand up straighter when we give a presentation. And, again, these are not about secrecy or duplicity, but rather, indications of maturity, and a uniquely human sophistication.