Hi, I'm Chris Blow, a designer and frontend developer living in Oakland and working in San Francisco. I work on a number of projects related to Interaction Design and humanitarian issues, including especially what could be called "linguistic segregation" at Meedan. I contribute itermittently to OpenStreetMap and Ushahidi.

My design focus is on usability testing and interaction design in nonprofits.

I speak sometimes at conferences and post presentations to slideshare.com/unthinkingly. You can also find me on Twitter and Flickr and Pinboard.

I am frequently critical of Silicon Valley, rich startups and war metaphors, though I try hard not to complain.

Source is provided under the FreeBSD License.

All posts on this site are CC-BY Chris Blow, and the source code is on github. The site is built in ruby with Nanoc.

The name "unthinkingly" is a reference to the process of technological "unthiking" which I first encoutered in Technology and Society, Teich et al, when I was a freshman in college in North Carolina.


Mgutz, for the nanoc blogging setup and tutorials — blog nanoc group for support Denis Defreyne, author of nanoc