Don't pitch

Apr 1 2010

Last week I read this article on ReadWriteWeb that advises a startup to "Give It to Them Straight: Avoid "Pitching" to Your Board." The article explains how it can be bad to exaggerate your product and cover up problems that you are experiencing in...

Recent Meedan press

Mar 15 2010

I've had a great time working at Meedan recently as Director of Miscellany. We recently rolled out an update of the site and took of the "beta" label.

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of interest generated — turns out people are actually pretty...

What could possibly go wrong?

Jan 23 2010

What could possibly go wrong? Thousands of volunteer hackers break ground on dozens of projects at a bunch of hastily organized unconferences promising to Save Haiti?

In a word: everything.

Tonight there are a number of people organizing some pretty...

'Slashtags' for citizen editors

Nov 9 2009

Updated Nov 16, 2009: @chrismessina created a wiki for the Twitter syntax

The NYT reported today on how the #fthood hashtag has failed:

Until lately, the main way to make sense of an urgent outpouring of...


Sep 29 2009

I have been keeping track of things that are interesting on Delicious for some time now.

Here're my top tags from September 2009 in case you are interested in checking out my Delicious feed.

How Much Do You Trust Your Own Network?

Sep 26 2009

Some time ago, I joined Twitter as @unthinkingly, and I loved it. Then, something felt wrong, and I deleted a bunch of followers. First I went down to 200 people, then 100, then 50, and it still was somehow wrong, so I quietly slipped out the door...

The "Special Case" of NEED Magazine

Sep 24 2009

During the collapse of the journalism industry, I have rarely been surprised — and only occasionally truly saddend — by a newspaper going out of business.

It's not that I don't have empathy. I have worked briefly as a journalist, have a degree in...

ICCM 09, the Crisis Mapping Conference

Sep 9 2009

In October I'll be geeking out at the ICCM 09, the first International Conference on Crisis Mapping. The conference is "harnessing mobile platforms, computational linguistics, geospatial technologies, and visual analytics to power effective early warning...

OpenStreetMap Cambodia

Jun 30 2009

I've been doing a series of presentations here at the InSTEDD lab in Phom Penh, and so far the best-received one has been (to my surprise) about something I really just getting into: OpenStreetMap. I figured that this would be a good-spirited critical...

Sustainable Interaction Design in Cambodia

Jun 29 2009

So, I've spent almost a month now as a resident geek at the InSTEDD Innovation Lab in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

InSTEDD is working on epidemiology-related technologies that are very relevant to my research interests:

InSTEDD's mission is to harness...
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